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Manna Festival - Alchemy & ORMES

  • 29 Aug 2013
  • 01 Sep 2013
  • Mount Madonna, Santa Cruz, California
Manna Festival - Alchemy & ORMES

Come join us at the 3rd Annual Alchemy and Ormus Conference in the beautiful Mount Madonna Center in Santa Cruz, California. We welcome your presence to share our knowledge and ancient traditions in alchemy, modern medicine, and advance techniques and research. Let’s activate, connect, and experience each other’s magic and manna.  As a conscious collective, we hold the tools and keys to our health and ascension.

Speakers include Dennis William Hauck, John Milewski, Robert Bartlett, Tom Waters, Peter May, Seekverta, Denis of Oz, Barry Carter, Phoenix, Vernon Roth, Sharon Rose, Lady Lark, Christine Emmons, Doug Beitler, Jan Delinger, Don Nance, Crystal Nance, Chaz Guest, the Essene, and David Hudson

God in the Dirt: First Matter and ORMES

Friday Night Keynote - Dennis William Hauck

This lecture explores laboratory work with the elusive Materia Prima of the alchemists. Nothing was more important to the Great Work than this exotic matter, which alchemists believed could be extracted from black dirt and actually rendered tangible. This presentation examines the nature and properties of the First Matter from the perspective of the Mutus Liber tradition in which the lecturer apprenticed for three years in Europe. He will explore methods of exposing the First Matter in nature, including how to isolate it, purify and germinate it, and extract its essence in the laboratory. The resulting elixir is shown to possess similar characteristics to modern monatomic preparations and ORMES.


We all talk about exploring our consciousness and making it happen; now here is your chance to witness and observe the brilliant minds of our time. The speakers at this event will expand your innate knowingness of alchemy presented through multiple dimensions and perspectives. The Manna Festival is an epic gathering of high level energy and frequencies. Come share your gifts and be ready to receive access to spirit medicines highlighted by the experts and the long standing lineages of alchemy.

The Mount Madonna Center is a conference and retreat center located on 355 acres of mountain-top redwood forest and grassland overlooking Monterey Bay, between Santa Cruz and Monterey, in Northern California. They offer catering for all range of participants which includes vegetarian catering and amenities such as hiking trails, volleyball, tennis, and basketball courts, a pond for swimming, a hot tub, a gymnasium for volleyball and basketball, and bodywork at the Kaya Kalpa Wellness Center. More info at www.mountmadonna.org.

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