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Alchemy Guild

Volunteer Opportunities with the Guild

If you would like to volunteer your time or services to the International Alchemy Guild (IAG), pick a category of Volunteer service below and follow the instructions. As a volunteer in our organization, you will receive free materials, reports, and forms, as well as free admission to our nationwide Alchemy Workshops and International Conferences. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization, and you will find an increased sense of enlightenment and purpose through our partnership. As a volunteer for the International Alchemy Guild, we will keep you notified of special benefits, free lectures, workshop discounts, and private gatherings we hold for our volunteers.


 - Scan out-of-print documents in alchemy and Hermetic sciences for public Internet library use.
 - Use materials from your own or others' collections or from Internet.
 - Must have flatbed scanner with ability to save files in popular formats (tif, pdf, or bmp).
 - Use your own OCR software, or send the raw scanned files to us for processing.
 - Email your scanned files or send in mail to us. Use
Contact Form for more information.


- Amateur artists to color old black-and-white alchemy drawings.
- Watercolor, colored pencils, and computer painting accepted.
- Work to be displayed in the
Alchemy Art Gallery.
- Full credit for your work and links you desire.
- Reproduce alchemical prints freehand or color-in B&W prints from downloaded graphics. 

 - Email your scanned files or mail to us. Use Contact Form for more information.




 - Contribute articles on alchemy from following topics or on any topic of your choice:
 - Chronology of Alchemy (some research material will be emailed to you.)
 - The Philosopher's Stone (general research and article)
 - Hermes Trismegistus (biographical research and article)
 - Jacob Boehme (biographical research and article)
 - Alchemy of Healing (general research and article)
 - Magic of the Caduceus (general research and article)
 - Alchemy of Relationships (general research and article)
 - Glimpses of the First Matter (general research and article)
 - Practical Alchemy (experiments and labwork)
 - Modern Alchemy (general research and article)
 - Book Reviews (new and old books on alchemy and spirituality)
 - Who's Who in Alchemy (listing of famous alchemists past and present)
 - Length of article: 500 - 3,000 words. We can supply illustrations if needed. You keep all rights.
 - Email your completed articles and we will edit and get back to you. 
Contact Form to apply.



 - Spread word of Hermetic teachings and resources in your area.
 - Arrange and promote local lectures and workshops.
 - Secure grants and funding for research and scholarships in alchemy.
 - Use the
Contact Form with your proposals.


 - Receive tapes of lectures and meetings to transcribe via email attachments.
 - Transcribe the material for publication.
 - Enter into your word processor program (Word, WordPerfect, Works, etc.)
 - We can acknowledge your transcription with your contact info for each article if you wish.
 - Use the
Contact Form to receive transcription materials.


 - Translate texts, courses, and web archives into different languages.
 - Translate foreign documents into English and receive translator byline credit.
 - Translate English documents into Spanish, French, German, and other languages.
 - Translate any Hermetic document you choose. Use the
Contact Form for assignments.



 - Contribute articles, reviews, or artwork for the Alchemy Journal.
Recommend articles by others for publication.

 Use the Contact Form to apply for the volunteer positions listed above.

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