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Alchemy Guild

Organization of the Guild

The Alchemy Guild is a Federally Tax Exempt Public Charity

organized under section 501(c)3 of the United States Tax Code.


President - Vincent Martin

President of the Guild to provide continuity of leadership at the highest administrative level of the Guild. Vince is the founding president of the Ohio Chapter of the Guild.

Founding President - Dennis William Hauck

Dennis has written over a dozen popular dozen books on alchemy and has lectured around the world. He apprenticed into alchemy while a graduate student in Vienna, Austria. His web site  is DWHauck.com.

Chapters Director -  Billy Parks

Billy oversees our 16 chapters in nine countries and also assists in the formation of new chapters. Billy designed and maintains the impressive Ohio Chapter website at  http://www.alchemyguildohio.org

Secretary - Paulette Dager-Harris

Paulette has been one of the Guild’s guiding lights for over a decade and is known for her sage advice to members in the forums. She is an essential ingredient at our national Conferences.

Memberhip Director -  Jason Collette

Jason has been our membership director for over five years and is dedicated to helping members find answers to their questions and move forward in their alchemical work. 

Publications Director - Daniel Coaten 

Thanks to Daniel’s hard work, the Guild's Publications continue to excel. The Alchemy Journal has been completely redesigned with beautiful artwork and cutting-edge articles. He also implemented a professional website devoted to the Journal at AlchemyJournal.org and oversees all facets of publishing for the Guild. Members are encouraged to submit articles and artwork. Visit the “For Authors” section of the website.

Director of Education - Benjamin Turale

Benjamin’s modern perspectives on teaching alchemy are just what is needed at this crucial time in the Guild’s evolution. His website is http://www.benjaminturale.com.


Bulletin Editor - Tracy Cranick

Tracy has expanded the Bulletin, Guild’s central communication tool, to include more news and relevant articles. She has also opened the Bulletin to more shared experiences and feedback from members.

Acquisitions Editor -  Gabriel Maroney

Gabriel helps select and edit new submissions for the Alchemy JournalHe is a graduate of Bastyr University and specializes in medical alchemy and spagyrics in the tradition of Paracelsus.

Archives Director - Jim Baldwin

Under Jim’s leadership, the Alchemy Guild Archives, the world’s largest online library of alchemical manuscripts and resources. has grown even more. He has also added new search features and organized the files into 30 separate categories.

Social Media Director - Steve Kalec

Under Steve’s steady hand, the quality and relevance of our Guild Forums contacts and message has greatly improved. The Guild now has over 80,000 members in our Facebook groups.


The traditional organizational structure of the Alchemy Guild was based on the three pillars of the kabalistic Tree of Life (shown at left). While this kabbalistic organization is no longer used in modern corporate structure, it is present everywhere if the basic energetic structure is revealed.

It is worth reviewing this ancient structuring in that it reveals the basic dynamics present in any organization. In operational terms, the upper triad of Kether- Binah-Chokmah represents the Directors who are considered the "Keepers of the Flame." Their mission is to hold all members, activities, and publications of the Guild to the highest standards in accord with the traditional European vision of the Great Work.

The Alchemy Guild Directors was composed of members representing the functions of Geburah, Chesed, Hod, and Netzach. The Board of Directors was created to act as an informal advisory panel to the Steering Committee. The ideal group of advisors embodies all the conflicting energies of the membership. Geburah represents the strategic negative, complaining, or contractive opinions of the membership, while Chesod represents the strategic positive, praising, or expansive opinions of the membership. Hod representing the auditing or accountant function and the practical need for marketing and recruitment. Netzach represents the body of volunteers and membership director who carry out the daily work and projects of the Guild.

In the old kabbalistic organization of the Guild, the central pillar represents the expressions of First Matter as it manifests to form the Guild body. Kether (Light) is the mystical Source of Light that guides Guild intention and activities. Daath (Wisdom) is the accumulated knowledge and archives of the Guild that is part of a hidden Underground River of wisdom that flows unbroken from ancient times. The Tiphareth (Gerneral Membership) is the heart of the Guild, its diverse and dedicated membership. Yesod (LIfeforce) is the imagination, work, and determination that members give the Guild to keep it alive and functioning in the Great Work. Malkuth (Endowment) is the fundamental requirement of membership dues, donations, sales, and physical buildings and meeting places to create the physical presence of the Guild in the created world.

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Federally Tax Exempt Public Charity under 501(c)3.

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