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Church of the Emerald Tablet

The Church of the Emerald Tablet is the spiritual heart of the Alchemy Guild. It is a group of people who come together to worship in the Hermetic tradition, which is based on the Emerald Tablet and dates back to ancient Egypt. The tablet is a succinct summary of the Hermetic teachings and has been the foundation of spiritual  alchemy for centuries.

The Church of the Emerald Tablet was founded by Dennis William Hauck in 1996 to preserve these teachings and make them available to those interested in Hermetic initiation. Spiritual Initiation in Alchemy has always been the main focus of the Guild's teachings. 

The spiritual alchemy that we practice is based on the operations of the divine One Mind and its unfoldment and perfection in matter as revealed in the Emerald Tablet. In our spiritual tradition, the One Mind is sometimes call the "AZoth," which is the singular divine presence that is the beginning and end - the Alpha and Omega (or A to Z) - of the whole universe. It is also known as the Grand Panacea, the Universal Solvent, or the Mercury of the Wise.

Visit the Church at AzothAlchemy.org or EmeraldTablet.org.  

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