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Alchemy Guild Charter


Art by Katlyn Breene

The goal of the Alchemy Guild is to support individuals in practical  and spiritual transformation. We seek to preserve the traditional teachings of the alchemists and provide legitimate sources of initiation into the Hermetic mysteries of alchemy. 

We provide networking and communication resources for modern alchemists, and support members in their psychological and spiritual transformations. We recommend legitimate sources of initiation into the mysteries of alchemy, and promote, support, and provide for the education and mentorship of future alchemists. We serve as a repository of alchemical knowledge – both ancient and modern – and release alchemical knowledge to the general public at appropriate times. We exchange techniques and discoveries in the ethical pursuit of alchemical arts in our quest to seek the quintessential role of humanity within the light of Nature.

The following are a few of the accomplishments we have achieved in fulfilling our charter:

Alchemy Archives is the world’s largest online library of Hermetic and alchemical works, including original treatises, meditations, articles, books, as well as audio and video files related to alchemy. 

Member Lodge. The Guild maintains an online lodge for members containing further resources, rituals, meditations, and prayers for initiation into the Hermetic Mysteries. http://alchemyguild.memberlodge.org/lodge/.

Local Meetups and Study Groups. The Guild's former headquarters in Sacramento, California, has 115 members. Info at www.meetup.com/alchemists/. Guild members have also formed local discussion groups in Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Washington, and in eight foreign countries.

Public Conferences. The Guild sponsors conferences, lectures, and workshops on alchemy and the Hermetic sciences. We also hold periodic online meetings and webinars. Videos from our major conferences are archived at www.AlchemyConference.net. Other events are announced at http://alchemyguild.memberlodge.org/lectures.   

Public Podcasts. The Guild publishes regular podcasts featuring alchemical philosophy and spiritual techniques, as well as interviews with members. https://alchemergy.podbean.com/

Public Video Channels. The Guild maintains public viewing resources for its videos at a YouTube Channel ( https://www.youtube.com/user/alchemergist ) and a Vimeo Feed ( https://vimeo.com/alchemergy ).

Public Websites.The Guild has created and maintains 14 websites on various aspects of spiritual, psychological, and practical alchemy with an estimated 18,000 visitors a year.

Publications. The Alchemy Journal, the Guild’s prestigious journal, began publication in 2004 and contains academic and practical articles on alchemy and the Hermetic tradition. Back issues are available in pdf format and are free to the general public. The Bulletin is an unscheduled email letter published 5-10 times a year to members with announcements, events, and news of interest to members.  

Social Networking.The Guild has established contact forms, networking links, and public forums on several of its websites. It six Facebook groups have over 80,000 members. More info at http://alchemyguild.memberlodge.org/forums    

Alchemy Museum. Guild members are part of a joint effort with the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) to establish the largest museum of alchemy in the world in San Jose, California. Members have donated artifacts and volunteered their time to the creation of the museum. Our president is Project Curator and designed the museum experience to follow the spiritual operations of alchemy that are part of the Guild teachings.

Alchemergy Films is an ongoing project sponsored by the Guild to produce new documentary films in the following on spiritual alchemy and personal and planetary transformation. The services are provided by members and are free to the public. www.Alchemergy.net

Church of the Emerald Tablet is the spiritual heart and legal foundation of the Guild. It is a group of people who come together to worship in the Hermetic tradition, which is based on the Emerald Tablet and dates back to ancient Egypt. The tablet is a succinct summary of the Hermetic teachings and has been the foundation of alchemical philosophy for centuries. Personal initiation into the Hermetic Mysteries is the main focus of the activities of the church. Visit the Church at AzothAlchemy.org or EmeraldTablet.org.  

Paracelsus Award is presented by the Guild to independent websites to recognize outstanding public resources that elucidate Hermetic philosophy or apply alchemical methods to the arts and sciences. http://alchemyguild.memberlodge.org/awards.

Federally Tax Exempt Public Charity under 501(c)3.

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