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Alchemy Guild

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is membership open to the general public?


Membership in the Alchemy Guild has been open to the general public since 1992. New members have all privileges, although they remain on probation for one year, during which time their activity and use of the Archives is monitored.

Question: How do I become a member of the Alchemy Guild?
Answer: To join the Guild, you must first fill out the Membership Application and chose your level of membership. Membership fees are donation based. Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified of your acceptance. In the rare case that your application is rejected, your dues payment will be refunded immediately.  


What are the benefits of membership in the Guild?

  • All new members receive a key for admission to the Guild Archives and Gallery. The Archives are the largest collection of its kind in the world and contain ancient texts, rare and unpublished books, alchemical experiments and secret formulae, and private research papers from modern alchemists.
  • Members can download and print a Certificate of Membership which assigns you a license to practice alchemy.
  • All new members receive the Alchemy Guild Members Manual ebook in pdf format.
  • Members may join the Guild's social networking websites and take part in online chats and forums, as well as meet other like-minded people.
  • Members receive free subscriptions to alchemy bulletins and newsletters, Guild announcements, local lectures and workshops listings, information on international conferences, and tour alerts.
  • Members are admitted to private discussions and consultations with other members, practicing alchemists, and alchemy students.
  • Members occasionally receive free review books, tapes, CDs, articles, and confidential research reports from other members, authors, and alchemists.
  • Members occasionally receive free evaluation samples of tinctures and oils from other members and practicing alchemists.
  • Members are listed in the Membership Directory and their websites promoted.
  • Qualified members receive a free promotion and linking for their alchemical products, books, CDs, films, etc.
  • Members receive proprietary information and instruction in the three stages of initiation into the ancient mysteries of alchemy.


How do I start a local chapter of the Alchemy Guild?


Members in good standing must contact the President of the International Alchemy Guild using the contact form. 

Members may add questions to the FAQ by using the secure Contact Form.)

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