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Dennis William Hauck has a new book on William Shatner's alchemical transformation from the biggest ego in Hollywood to Citizen of the Cosmos. William Shatner: The Transformed Man goes beyond all the stories of his eccentric behavior and reveals what makes the man tick. This book is intended for people who don’t give a damn about Star Trek. It is a deeply moving portrait of a fascinating man, an in-depth and often unsettling biography of a modern icon.  More info and sample chapter: DWHauck.com/shatner.htm | Amazon Author Page: Amazon.com/author/hauck  


J. Erik LaPort’s new book Transmission of Alchemy is a new translation from an ancient sourcework The Epistle of Morienus, the Wise Monk, to Prince Khālid bin Yazīd, which some consider the earliest alchemy book to have survived. The book is an eyewitness account of the moment when Byzantine alchemy was transmitted to the Islamic Empire. From there, it would evolve into its dynamic new, experimental and medicinal form as Islamic al-Kīmyāʼ. Publisher: Qera-Tech.com | Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/J.-Erik-LaPort/e/B011HW1F1W 

Timothy A. Wilkerson's Alchemy Astrology - Lost Key to the Philosopher's Stone is a 'how to' astrology handbook for practical alchemical laboratory work written by a working alchemist and astrologer. This method is used to determine when to make the most powerful herbal and mineral remedies possible. A great astrology resource for beginners and adepts. Includes blank charts and tables. Through the centuries, alchemists and astrologers have compiled observations based on the positioning of the sun, moon, and planets. They found that these cosmic clues could be applied to determine the best opportunity to begin work on laboratory experiments and developed systems to calculate these macrocosmic opportunities. Additionally this knowledge can be used to plan any important event or as an aid to meditative contemplation on the path to awakening. (Access to an Ephemeris is required, online or in print – not included in tthis handbook.) Forward by Dennis W. Hauck, author, lecturer, alchemy instructor, and president of the International Alchemy Guild. Order from http://www.lulu.com/shop/timothy-a-wilkerson/alchemy-astrology-lost-key-to-the-philosophers-stone/paperback/product-20049279.html

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