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Alchemy Guild

Executive Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board - Vincent Norman Martin

President of the Guild to provide continuity of leadership at the highest administrative level of the Guild.

Three-Year Board Member - Benjamin Turale

Benjamin’s modern perspectives on teaching alchemy are just what is needed at this crucial time in the Guild’s evolution. His website is https://www.thetempleofmercury.com/.

Two-Year Board Member - Daniel Coaten

Thanks to Daniel’s hard work, the Guild's Publications continue to excel. The Alchemy Journal has been completely redesigned with beautiful artwork and cutting-edge articles. He also implemented a professional website devoted to the Journal at AlchemyJournal.org and oversees all facets of publishing for the Guild. Members are encouraged to submit articles and artwork. Visit the “For Authors” section of the website.

Two-Year Board Member - Billy Parks

One-Year Board Member - Currently Open

One-Year Board Member - Currently Open

Legal Operations Director - Douglas Glover

Guild Officers

President - Vincent Norman Martin

Secretary - Jordan Daum

Father of two beautiful babies, Jordan is a dedicated student of the divine and sacred arts, aiming to understand and continue the legacy of the Alchemical tradition. Honored to serve as Secretary of the Alchemy Guild, Jordan holds a deep passion for ageless wisdom. His commitment to the Guild is rooted in the belief that service is an expression of divine will, dedicated to assisting the smooth operation and ongoing evolution of the Guild.

Treasurer - Jean P. Compere

I am Servant of the Divine Light, a student of Philosophy, Mysticism,Kabbalah, Alchemy through many Traditions of Light. I had and still have the honor of serving those traditions wearing the garment of impersonality most of the time. I believe that Service is God's will.

Guild Directors

Chapters Director - Billy Parks

Director of Education - Benjamin Turale

Publications Director - Daniel Coaten

Membership Director - Jason Collette

Jason has been our membership director for over five years and is dedicated to helping members find answers to their questions and move forward in their alchemical work.

Archives Director - Chad McClendon

Chad McClendon is a Laboratory Alchemist specializing in the Plant Kingdom. He is a lover of reading and researching. As Director of Guild Archives Chad oversees the upkeep of our treasured knowledge.

Social Media Director - Steve Kalec

Under Steve’s steady hand, the quality and relevance of our Guild Forums contacts and message has greatly improved. The Guild now has over 80,000 members in our Facebook groups.

Director Church of the Emerald Tablet - Billy Parks

Public Relations Director - David Mooney II

I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach credited with the American association of drugless practitioners AADP. I have been a practicing Alchemist for more then half my life and have emotionalized alchemy into my life. I possess a unique charisma that many resonate with but can only be felt, not explained. 

In full transparency I am building my life coaching practice and work as a Petroleum Tech building gas stations for major oil brands. Building my company has require extensive marketing, sale and technology (web designed and CRM)  training. I have an intense fire burning to develop my ability to communicate and bring awareness to alchemical teaching because I want to integrate alchemical knowledge into my coaching practice.

Acquisitions Editor- Gabriel Maroney

Bulletin Editor - Gabriel Maroney

Gabriel helps select and edit new submissions for the Alchemy JournalHe is a graduate of Bastyr University and specializes in medical alchemy and spagyrics in the tradition of Paracelsus.

Vice President - Yvonne Reneman

Vice President includes (but not limited to) working with the Board of Directors and the head of the Church of the Emerald Tablet. The Vice President plans, develops and enforces policies and objectives for the International Alchemy Guild to ensure it maintains its values.

Founding Chairman

Founding Chairman - Board Seat Retired

Dennis William Hauck

Alchemy Conference Planning Committee

Director - David Mooney II

Robyn Caywood

Gabriel Maroney

Chad McClendon

Jordan Daum

Benjamin Turale

Federally Tax Exempt Public Charity under 501(c)3.

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