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Alchemy Guild

Alchemy Guild Charter


The Alchemy Guild is an independent body of practicing alchemists who are not associated with any nationalistic interests, political party, style of government, religious movement, or contemporary social group. The Guild is only concerned with the practice of the timeless Great Work of alchemy. The Guild is an all-volunteer organization and no one is paid a salary. 


The goal of the Alchemy Guild is to support individuals in practical work and spiritual transformation. We seek to preserve the traditional teachings of the alchemists and provide legitimate sources of initiation into the mysteries of alchemy.

      According to its charter, the purpose and goals of the International Alchemy Guild are as follows:

  • To provide networking and communication resources for modern alchemists.      
  • To support Guild members in their practical and spiritual transformations.
  • To recommend legitimate sources of initiation into the mysteries of alchemy.
  • To promote, support, and provide for the education and mentorship of future alchemists.
  • To serve as a repository of alchemical knowledge - both ancient and modern.
  • To release alchemical knowledge to the general public at appropriate times.
  • To exchange techniques and discoveries in the ethical pursuit of alchemical arts.
  • To seek the quintessential role of humanity within the light of Nature.

Art by Katlyn BreeneIn recent years, the Guild has taken action in accord with our charter obligation “To release alchemical knowledge to the general public at appropriate times.” It was decided that certain cultural trends indicate it is time to release more of the genuine teachings, and the Guild opened up membership to the general public, began publishing original alchemy texts, and started offering lectures and workshops to the public, as well as a regular conference on alchemy. It also established the largest Archive of alchemical texts in the world.


The growing interest in alchemy, secular spirituality, and Hermetic sciences, as well as a surge of interest from scientists and psychologists in alchemical principles of transformation indicates that the time is ripe for alchemists once again to enter the public domain.


In the Middle Ages, alchemists would only accept apprentices who earnestly sought them out in person. There was no advertising except word-of-mouth. In the age of the Internet, this has changed. Today, we are much easier to find, and many more people are earnestly seeking us out. We think this is part of a growing trend of enlightenment in the world. People are tired of living false and shallow lives in service to opportunistic politicians, materialistic corporations, dogmatic religions, and self-serving gurus in many New Age disciplines. Alchemists must accept the challenge and not only reveal the ancient teachings but also show how to apply them in the modern world.

Federally Tax Exempt Public Charity under 501(c)3.

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