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Current conferences and workshops are posted here. For programs, lecturers, and videos from previous Guild conferences, go to www.AlchemyConference.net.

Upcoming events

    • 06 Dec 2017
    • 20 Dec 2017
    • 3 sessions
    • Glastonbury, UK.

    In December 2017 to end the year comes a special event.  Hosted by the Library of Avalon, Britain’s only public esoteric library comes Arcanum, three public talks on the secrets of alchemy in the heart of Glastonbury, UK.  Each talk will run for 90mins with the opportunity to ask questions afterwards as well as some information about the International Alchemy Guild.  For anyone attending all three talks there will be a special discount for an alchemical tincturing workshop to be run in 2018.

    These talks transmit the ancient tradition of the Hermetic Arts by an initiated, practising alchemist. There will be some alchemical tinctures for sale after the talks. For those who attend all three talks there will be a discount price for a follow-on workshop in Alchemical Tincturing in January.  All guild members who present their membership card get in half price!

    December 6th, 5-6.30pm | Touchstones: the History of Alchemy
    This talk will examine the hidden “underground river”, the current of alchemy that has flown through Western culture since ancient Egypt. At the centre of this discussion will be an examination of the core text of alchemy – the Emerald Tablet and the First Matter.

    December 13th, 5-6.30pm | Alchemical Theory and Celestial Mechanics 
    This talk will explain how alchemists view the universe and the laws by which their work is accomplished. Topics covered will include the operations of alchemy, alchemical astrology, the law of correspondences, esoteric signatures and the Axiom of Maria.

    December 20th, 5-6.30pm | Herbal Alchemy, Healing and Spagyrics
    This talk will examine the true work of alchemy as it occurs in the lab and in the soul. It will provide an overview of alchemical recipes, the Philosopher’s Stone as a living entity and the parallel process between the Alchemist and the First Matter.

    Cost: £8 waged, £6 unwaged per talk. All three £20 waged, £15 unwaged.
    Venue: Library of Avalon, 2-4 High St, Glastonbury BA6 9DU.

    SPEAKER: Benjamin D. Turale | MCouns, Dip. Alchemy
    Benjamin is a practising alchemist living in Glastonbury. Originally from Australia, he is the Educational Director for the International Alchemy Guild and works as a tutor on the Alchemy Study Program. He has completed initiate training in both spiritual and alchemical lab work and is a masters-qualified counsellor who provides alchemical therapy and medicines to the public.

    See you there in the Great Work!

Past events

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29 Jan 2010 Mysterium
09 Sep 2009 What Is Alchemy?

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