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18 photo(s) Updated on: 09 Dec 2016
  • Left to right: Duane Saari, Dennis William Hauck, Jeff McBride.
  • World Peace Prayer ceremony. Standing left to right: Nassim Haramein, Dennis William Hauck, Gudni Gudnason, Theresa Bullard, Jeff McBride.
  • Alchemy class at Omega Institute in upstate New York.
  • "Search for the Emerald Tablet" tour in Egypt and Libya (Siwa).
  • "Search for Emerald Tablet" tour. Kadea Matera at Siwa Oasis.
  • "Search for Emerald Tablet" tour at Siwa Oasis near Libyan border.
  • "Search for the Emerald Tablet" tour. Michael McCloud with Bedouin children at Siwa Oasis.
  • Dennis William Hauck, Bryndis Coaten, Daniel Coaten
  • 2011 Alchemy Conference, Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California
  • Alchemergy Exhibit 2011
  • Vendors 2011 Conference
  • Golden Pyramid Exhibit, 2011 Alchemy Conference, Long Beach Convention Center
  • Alchemy Conference Registration process over 800 guests for the 2011 Long Beach Convention Center event.
  • Crucible Conference Bookstore had over 1000 books for sale. In center, Bruce Schaffenberger and Paulette Dager-Harris.
  • Crucible Bookstore at the 2011 Alchemy Conference.
  • Steve Kalec at the 2016 Alchemy Conference in Denver, Colorado.
  • Group photo from the 2016 Alchemy Conference in Denver, Colorado
  • Partial speaker panel at the 2016 Alchemy Conference. Left to right: Tim Wilkerson, Robert Bartlett, William S. Burkle, Dennis William Hauck, Art Kompolt.

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