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Alchemy is one of the world’s oldest traditions –- a unique blend of science and spirituality that has the potential to create a new vision of the world. Alchemy offers a way of living in accord with the basic patterns of the universe that can result in magical transformations in your life and tremendous insight into the true nature of reality. In the Alchemy Study Program, these ancient teachings are presented in their purest form. The school was founded in 1998 by Dennis William Hauck, and he teaches a 7-module course there. Only members of the Alchemy Guild can become instructors in the program and set up their own courses.

The Alchemy Guild independently certifies instructors and students associated with the Alchemy Study Program. Students can choose courses best suited to their interests and pick their own instructor from leading authors, lecturers, scholars, and p-racticing alchemists. Exams taken online with instant grading and feedback, and certificates issued for all successful exams. Manuals, audios, and videos can be downloaded at no cost for offline study, copying, or printing. Many members have begun new careers as alchemical therapists, spagyricists, consultants, lecturers, or teachers after graduating from the program. To enroll, visit the Course Catalog at  www.AlchemyStudy.org. Personal Mentoring is also available. More info at www.AlchemyStudy.com. Questions? Use the Alchemy Study Contact Form.


"The discourses are written in a down-to-earth style that is direct and easy to understand, yet evoke a level of wisdom in me that I never expected. I started out just curious about alchemy and now these teachings are the light of my life." - Albert Wojekowski (Pittsburgh, PA USA)

"I had no idea what was involved in making tinctures and elixirs. Now I realize the power behind alchemical medicines and understand how to use them. These preparations tap into the deepest parts of nature. And now I am learning how to make them myself and tailor them to my own special needs." - Walter Dunninger (San Francisco, CA USA)

"The courses help me shift my attitude towards life in a way that opens doors and helps me grow. When I sit down and read this material, even though I am doing it on a modern computer, I feel that I am in touch with ancient and sacred knowledge." - George Montclef (New York, NY USA)

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